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There is still time to contact your senators before they vote on the UN Small Arms Treaty tomorrow.
We have all the info you need to know about this latest attempt to infringe on your gun rights. Click here for a sample letter and instructions on how to call or email Senators Joe Lieberman and Richard Blumenthal.
Carry On!

CCDL Releases Statement on Colorado Movie Theater Incident

Groton, CT – July 23, 2012 – The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL), Connecticut’s largest and most active grassroots gun rights organization, today released a statement regarding the movie theater shooting in Aurora, CO. Says CCDL President Scott Wilson: “The Connecticut Citizens Defense League expresses its heartfelt sympathies towards the victims and the families of the recent tragedy in Aurora, CO. Any instance where violence of this nature occurs, it leaves a mark on our society that is very simply impossible to erase. May there be peaceful days ahead for those affected by this terrible event.”

In the past few days, we have heard many calls from elected officials all over the country for increased gun control. The CCDL is prepared to continue working against any further restrictions of our gun rights, which would punish law abiding citizens for the actions of a madman.

From Scott Wilson, President of CCDL

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League expresses it’s heartfelt sympathies towards the victims and the families of the recent tragedy in Aurora, Co.
Any instance where violence of this nature occurs, it leaves a mark on our society that is very simply impossible to erase. May there be peaceful days ahead for those bound by this terrible event.

Members Update 07/10/2012

Monthly Meeting tonight! Come discuss current and upcoming events and issues affecting gun owners in Connecticut!

Join Us For Our 4th Annual Family Picnic
Sunday August 19th Boothe Memorial Park
5800 Main St (On Putney) Stratford, CT  Site#2
11:00am-4:00pmThis event is open to the public and is free of charge
Everyone is encouraged to attend this event to celebrate their right to Keep and Bear Arms. Come join us, and get to know us. Remember, Connecticut is a small state and come join us from wherever you are. We look forward to meeting new members and older ones alike!

Burgers, Hotdogs, salads and desserts will be served. This will be an alcohol free event.
Lawful carry of firearms is permitted.

Raffle Prizes, Games and Family Fun will all be happening!

Here is the Link to our flyer:



CCDL Names “Legislator Of  The Year”
CCDL is a group that was founded on legislative activism and public enlightenment. And in the spirit of legislators that make a difference by protecting and helping further our 2nd amendment rights, CCDL has created an award to acknowledge it’s first honoree:
State Rep Rob Sampson (district 80) Thank You Rob! And Thanks goes out to all of the other tremendous legislators that helped this past session.

Rob cannot be at our July meeting due to a scheduling conflict, but he will be on hand at our August meeting in Middletown to receive this award. Come Join us!
Legislative Initiative
CCDL is beginning the process of reviewing legislators and candidates that are running in the 2012 election cycle. We are doing our best to get gun owners and members up to date information on ratings.  We encourage our general members to become active in helping those running with high marks to offer help on the campaigns for some of these candidates. If we want better gun laws and our rights furthered, this is what we must do to make that happen.  Please consider donating some time and effort in the coming months.
New London Concealed Carry Ban For Permit Holders- Ord. (14-11) Is History!
A language change that was proposed by CCDL President Scott Wilson (A New London Resident) more than a year ago that would exempt permit holders from the ban on concealed carry was voted favorably on consent by the City Council May 21st. The ordinance change goes into effect 30 days from that vote. This ban was a technical violation which included fines and criminal penalties, and was a source of concern for many gun owners living in, or traveling to and through this city.
Congratulations New London! There now remains one city in Connecticut with this type of ordinance- New Britain.

Suitability Study/Permit Issues
CCDL Executive Member E. Jonathan Hardy is continuing a state wide Suitability Study regarding permit issues in every town of CT. Many local issuing authorities are asking for additional information that is not required per the State of Connecticut to obtain your permit.  We’ve seen some local issuing authorities go so far as to ask for skin color, handicap information, medical information, dental information, credit data, three letters of reference, etc.  All of this is NOT required per the State and is just a barrier for those that want to maintain a certain amount of privacy and still obtain a permit.  For more information, click here.

Next Meeting July 10th, 7pm – 9pm

Don’t forget to join us in Middletown for our next monthly meeting. This meeting is open to all Members! Also, we will be collecting canned goods/non-perishables at our meetings.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League strives for hands on activism from our members. We want an organization for us all to be proud of as we put forth effort to fight for our 2nd Amendment rights in our beautiful State. See you there!
Location : Middletown Elks Lodge 771, 44 Maynard St
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Carry On!
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