CCDL Inc Meeting minutes      July 14, 2009


19:13 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

19:15 Reading of the presidents report (Scott) discussion of the ad-hoc meeting to discuss article V of the CCDL By-laws.

19:16 MTA Susan/Ira

19:17 Last meetings minutes, MTA written minutes with the deletion of the information regarding Ed Peruta’s brother’s information  Ed/Ira

19:18 Treasurers report

$1077 income

$301 balance

Tee shirts, business cards

Report to be forwarded to Scott/Susan

Checks ordered

Debit cards requested

19:19 MTA Susan/Nick Voted – unanimous

Shawn M mentioned that treasurers reports normally aren’t accepted until they are audited – to be discussed later

19:21 Registered Agents report

IRS papers have been received with numbers

$50 charge to register our logo as a trademark

19:22 Webmasters report Lenny for Virginia

Still working off the temporary domain

Working with Rick to move content to his server and point the domain at it

Requests for content, photos

Email addresses need to be created and distributed

Paypal for membership/donation needs a legit email address to tie to

Request the executive board to check it all out and make suggestions for adds/deletions

Webmaster position shouldn’t include Facebook modifications and Twitter stuff.

Virginia is having trouble getting in touch with Rick, Susan to get hold of him.

19:29 Purchasing report Lenny

Cards – the kind offer from Ed’s brother didn’t address some needs we had so Lenny got some cards online 2500 for $74.19 inc shipping and taxes.

A larger banner was procured online with a free smaller one thrown in.  Both a kind donation to the cause by Lenny/Virginia

Don’t distribute the CCDL cards just yet as the website is still Facebook not our website.

19:31 MTA Ira/Susan Unanimous

19:32 Ad Hoc Article V discussions Ira

Executive board and organizational governance items discussed

Coordinator positions discussed and described (not elected)

Positions for the executive board (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary) and functions thereof.

Coordinators are nominated by the President and approved – not elected (Membership, Events, Legislative Advocate, Public Relations, Webmaster)


19:43 Sean said we need to check the rules to make sure if our legislative advocate needs to register with the state as a political lobbyist

Judy said there’s a threshold amount possibly $2000 of payment before a person is required to register as a lobbyist but we would need to check, she mentioned that they set up temporary PAC’s for each issue, and let it die once the issue is covered.

Shawn said a good resource who knows everyone is Bob Crook at Hartford, he is a 2A supporter.


Organizational governance section X

Committee chairperson can involve more committee members as needed

Proposals to be approved by the executive board

Following Roberts Rules of Order for all official business (with modifications as needed)

Registered Agent is appointed

Outgoing chairs will facilitate getting incoming chairs up to speed in their new positions.

19:50 MTA Nick/Lenny   Unan

19:51 Break


20:07 Meeting called back to order


Sean Murphy discussed some ideas he has based on his involvement with state government and the legislature.

Interested in getting state pack

Gun community, many disparate groups

Get group reps for hunters, target, etc etc

Umbrella group for all firearms groups to speak with one voice and many members

Sean told us about how the leftists are taking over the legislative process and the conservatives are being pushed out via primaries etc.

Scott mentioned we are non-partisan and judge each candidate based on their 2nd amendment position.

Deborah mentioned that the state constitution section 15 should be mentioned as that quote is on our tee-shirts.  Ira mentioned that it is included in our preamble and going forward the tee-shirts should put this on.

20:17 Ed Peruta discussed the BPFE meetings which he has been attending for the past 18-19 months.

He relayed a story of how a permit candidate was denied for a permit due to being honest on the form regarding some very old issues when he was younger.

He suggested that a good audience for CCDL would be the folks having to go to headquarters for hearings and such, banner on cars in the parking area, CCDL business cards handed out, flyers.  Said the meetings/hearings are informative on how these folk conduct business.  He contacted the NRA to see if he can get all the instructors or senior instructors to come to a state wide meeting to discuss state specific regulations and issues that never get discussed in the generic NRA pistol permit safety class.

An Ad-hoc meeting was suggested to discuss this whole idea.

20:30 Old business

Discussed revisions, business cards, voting rights of members, motions to strike regarding not open carry at the Elks, contacting the state legislature etc.

20:31 New Business

Propose to talk about organized political enlightenment – litter pickups etc.

Jeremy talked about doing something positive and visible like CCDL picnic/BBQ, litter pickup.  Various discussions about when to do a BBQ 19th of September place to be determined.

Lenny talked about adopting a highway and wanting to make a move on it.

Adopt-a-highway program, signs and what they would say. “This highway sponsored by”

CCDL Inc (Ira). Or spell the whole thing out.

20:36 Lenny talked about membership forms, how Justin made a nice one on his Apple but Lenny can’t use the jpg to make a form, Ira said he has a program that might do it.

20:37 Discussion of article V revisions

Vacancies are covered in the bylaws

Filled by special election and candidates serve until the next election

Resignation of positions is not covered in the bylaws

Discussion with new members about their willingness to serve in some capacity in the organization.

20:42 Motion to start up the website and call for content to put in it.

20:47 Motion to table discussion on hats/caps with CCDL logo

20:58 Discussion of registering logo $50, putting “Inc.” under the logo

20:51 Membership dues discussion Ira – differing opinions regarding who would be members if membership dues were required and who would back out completely.

General membership (free) versus executive membership (dues). Ask for donations.

Suspend membership dues for a period of 6 months. BRING THIS UP AGAIN Scott.

20:57 Motion to table discussion on membership Ira/Lenny

21:00 Article 6 Bi-annual election discussion, need for a quorum at meetings to make any outcome valid

Solicitation of donations Jeremy collected, Ed is going to approach Scott Hoffman for a donation, tee-shirt sales.

21:04 Meeting closed.

CCDL Meeting Minutes – June 9, 2009


19:15 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

19:15 Opened with Scott providing the presidents report

            The report was available on hardcopy and doesn’t need to be retyped

19:18 MTA Ira/Susan accepted unanimously

19:19 Reading of the minutes of last months meeting by Robert

          MTA Lenny/Susan  accepted unanimously

19:31 Treasurers report by Scott on behalf of Jay

Bank account has been opened (Peoples bank) Signatories are doing paperwork. $25 deposited by Scott.

Tee Shirt order arrived Ira/Susan have the shirts

Balance of $302 minus $261 for the shirts


19:33 Registered Agent report by Susan

Forms have been signed $51 fees and expedited services

PO box opened in Groton $30 per 6 months, 2 keys deposit $2 one key given to Scott, Susan has the other.  Po Box 642 Groton, CT 06340

Susan needs meeting minutes and spreadsheet of finances after each meeting (Robert/Jay)

Word Docs (within 2 days) preferred.

Quicken for finance sheet?  Excel at the moment?

Rick, (Susans’ son) offered hosting (free forever) and help with web design and setup

Charges for Brownies at meetings, good idea. $1 or so Per Person

Receipt to Scott for P.O. Box fees, pamphlet with hours of access.


19:38 MTA Virginia/Lenny 

19:40 Web Hosting from Virginia

Virginia will work with Rick and will call him tomorrow

Opensource web creation software was used

Has a demo site with a home page,  about us, mission, links pages

Integrate paypal for donation and merchandise purchases

Paypal hits the vendor with a 2% fee but will deposit to the bank account.

Question regarding tax collection, Susan said she will look into clothing under $50 being tax free in CT.  Perhaps change the charge for shirts to a donation with a tee-shirt thrown in?


19:43 MTA Susan/Nick Unanimous

19:44 AD-Hoc report from Ira

Different membership classes, officers, voting rights.

2 classes, exec board, and general membership

exec members have voting privileges (vote on officers) gen membership no vote

To maintain control and vision of the organization and stay on track (hostile takeover avoidance).

Exec members would be founders, early meeting attenders, constant attendees, over and above contributors, volunteerism, vision of organization, server on sub-committees, donations of time or money.  Not limited to just the original members, above and beyond recognition (time, legislative front, public events) nominated and voted on to be brought in.

Regular members attend meetings, keep the vision, dues, not able to donate more time etc just attendees.  Meeting attendance could be waived for significant efforts to the group.


Comparisons to VCDL’s governance – exclusions to officer/exec members not gone into, questions to Ira.

Impress nominations and accept – higher expectation of volunteers


19:52 MTA Mike/Justin (not Jason)

Lenny appreciated the report

Scott – 5 hour meeting and discussion (VCDL and membership classes etc and food)

Founders made perm exec members to maintain the integrity

Susan – Hope to ratify the bylaws in September

Voting on things for everyone until bylaws at which point only the exec board can vote.

Scott – Need to step up for helping out, need to find sympathetic lawyers etc.


20:00 vote to accept, unanimous

20:00 Motion to take a 10 minute break Virginia/Lenny


Ed Peruta discussed his investigation of the statutes regarding permits versus eligibility certificates and believes (as does his friend Chief Cetran) that this “loophole” may be able to afford permit seekers to get the fingerprint/background done by the DPS instead of locals and the onus of the background check would be on DPS not the local police and all they need to do is cough up the town permit which is then turned into the state permit.


20:29 Meeting back to order

Old business

Discuss membership forms, moved to the next meeting

Website build by Virginia

Table the discussion of the picnic

Table the discussion of article 4

(Ed Peruta distributed the “new” form for DPS )

Motion to discuss PO Box (accomplished)

Motion to discuss Bank Account  (accomplished)

Virginia is going to pick up her temp permit tomorrow and turn it into a state permit

Ed suggested turning both things in (and get an eligibility certificate as well)


20:33 Motion 1 to discuss article 3 revision

Justin – finances, registered agent provided with information within 48 hours (subsec E)

Justin can email details

Dues – previously dues were not required, now dues shall be $20 for year 2009, can be amended by exec committee.

20:35 MTA Ira/Lenny



20:40 Voted on, passed unanimously


MT Discuss Article 4 revisions Justin.

Membership classes (2)  exec – eligible to vote, gen membership non voting.

Ed didn’t like it

20:41 MTA Ed/Lenny

Discussion exec collectively could have 2 votes, gen members collectively have 1 vote.  Could break a tie, couldn’t take over the vote (Ed suggested that this would give the gen membership a vote).

Ira discussed other boards he had been on, membership heavy and attendance light.

20:45 Heated discussion regarding voting rights or lack thereof for general members.

20:51 Hostile board can’t be controlled by membership

75% general membership present can override the board

20:55 Big enough issue 75% of the gen membership have to show up to vote (quorum).

20:57 MTA section 4 as it stands and come up with a clause to amend the bylaws IRA/Ed

20:57 carried unanimous

Article 5? Long section

20:58 MTT article 5 Ed/Ira  unanimous

table picnic discussion

Lenny makes a motion to strike the issue regarding non-open carry at the Elks per Bob.

Scott drafting a letter on our letterhead to our entire legislature to feel them out regarding their stance on 2A.

21:03 Motion to close Ira/Steve unanimous

Ed distributed new DPS forms for Eligibility Certificates to all that wanted them.

CCDL Inc Meeting minutes      September 9, 2009


19:08 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance


Introductions – New members, existing members.



Descriptions of placards and cards for distribution

Absentee Ballots

Executive membership forms

Voting (those present can vote)

Bylaws (not posted online)


19:13 Reading of the presidents report (Scott)

Placards distributed to various places (Hoffmans, Outpost, etc)

Radio interview on the web-site

New Haven register interview (Sunday 13th paper)

Working with individuals to extend reach to legislators (S Loban)

19:15 MTA Susan/Nick

19:16 VP – no VP currently

19:17 Secretary (Robert) reading of last months minutes

19:26 MTA Susan/Justin – Unanimous

19:27 Registered Agent (Susan)

Logo registration in the works.

19:28 Treasurers report (Jay)

Spreadsheet is available from Jay

$629 Balance

Spent   $500 on Tee shirts, sold 10

Picnic totals

Spent $244 (including $80 for deposit)

Incoming $369 ($145 raffle, $124 donation)

Upside $125

$550 at the end of the night (rent/reimbursements) plus any donations.

Shirts, Hats, and embroidered polo shirts in the works.

19:31 MTA Nick/Susan Unanimous


Marketing report Scott on behalf of Lenny

2nd order for business cards placed

Contacts need to be relayed to Lenny Who/where/when

Wear CCDL tees shirts.  Engage the owner and sales staff.

Receipt to Jay for cards ordered

19:34 MTA Justin/Susan

Judy discussed perhaps some sort of discount arrangements at gun shops.

Hoffmans, Newington Gun Exchange, Steve Hoffman now a member.

S. Loban discussed the adding of reciprocal links on the web page to supporting companies (manufacturers, National shooting sports federation and others)

19:39 Unanimous


Post picnic – great day for all

Open carry position

Gun related matters discussion (10 mins or less)

Susan - look into cards @ shops/ranges/clubs legal clinic


Get a list of 2A supportive lawyers (in case of emergency)

Ralph Sherman

Atty Fishbein (represented Blue Trail)

Serge Mihaly (Valley/Seymour)

Martha Dean (represented Metacon club in US 2nd circuit court of appeals, ran as A/G)

Rachel Baird (Goldberg)

Write some laws, (age from 21 to 18, no permit required for O/C)

Pro-gun proposals Dan

Tea parties, Town halls

Bob Crook – Most experienced lobbyist, hook and bullet magazine, recognizable, credible lobbyist in Hartford.  Bob is in his 70’s was in the army, lobbyist for 30 years.

Neil @ Brooklyn Trading Post (Dan to leave a placard and cards next visit)


19:58 10 minute break called.

20:20 Back to order

Old business

Scott mentioned that the cake was great (of special notice to Lenny)

Volunteering opportunities


Next month nominations for board of directors

Committee Chairs


New Business

Distribute placards and cards to various companies

Mail to Lenny for each placement to go into the spreadsheet (receptivity, etc) for bumper stickers if needed.

PDF documents on the website for self-printing.

New Business suspended for webmaster report


Virginia Webmaster report (Scott)

Mid August was active on the site

Radio interview posting

17 new joins

536 unique visits 94% from favorites

Links from other pages (opencarry, bersatalk, etc)

Article not related to CCDL needs a home (other reading, drop-down menus)

Selling articles on the web site

Group email distro list.

20:29 MTA Susan/Andy Unanimous


New Business continued.

Voting in of the bylaws

MTA Accept absentee Ballots Susan/Nick

Cheryl from Stratford will bring goodies next meeting in Susan’s absence

Jay proposed Open carry support clause

20:35 MT Support  Jay/Justin

20:40 Reworded  Jay/Justin

20:41 Reworded Jay/Justin

20:42 MTTable Dan/Kevin for discussion on CT section of OCDO, Susan, Jay, Scott, Lenny, Robert, Nick etc all to participate.

20:45 Susan – Radio first interview, job well done, applause

Scott keeping in touch with the interviewer in case the opportunity arises again, the interviewer is anti-hunting.

20:47 Justin discussed the bylaws

Based on U. Kansas College Republicans (7 months of debate)

Ready to go, vehicle to put us out there

Engage people and take on legislature

Justin commended for all his work

Lenny commended for his work on the picnic

20:49 Motion to vote to accept the bylaws as written Justin/Susan - UNANIMOUS!!!

CCDL Fundraiser idea for members, spaghetti dinner during meeting

Decembers meeting 3rd hour paid for by Scott for dinner portion

October Nomination

November Elections

20:53 Scott CCDL application form for executive membership (modeled on VCDL)

Ken – Spaghetti dinner Gun shops raffle donated items as fundraiser.

20:56 MT Close, Scott/Ken Done. (call for donations)



CCDL Inc Meeting minutes      October 13, 2009


19:03 Meeting called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance

19:05 Introductions – Existing, New members (Greg, Adam, Eric, Jeff).

19:05 Reading of the presidents report (Scott)

Cards distributed to some shops

National 2nd amendment march information

NH Register article published

Network for change – Rocky Hill (Wednesday 14th)

Mid-month Ad-hoc meeting (Bylaws)

Trademark filed with the secretary of state.

Comments?  None.

19:06 VP – no VP currently

19:06 Secretary’s report (Robert)

As printed, one addition of Justin to the attendees list.

19:07 MTA Ed/Justin

19:08 Treasurers report (Jay)

Books will be closed out quarterly from now on

Spent $300 on shirts, 60 left sold several during the meeting

MTA Ed/Justin

19:09 Registered Agent (Ira for Susan) Nothing to report

19:10 Webmasters report ( Virginia )

Website moved to paid up for 2 years

Mass emails have been arranged.

Drop down menu’s are available for more content.

Ed asked about a message board.

19:11 MTA Ed/Steve

Discussion – Keeping of forum in’s CT area for wider coverage.


19:12 Open Forum

Chad T from West Hartford discussed his issues with West Hartford ’s permitting process

Interview, stated open carry illegal, wanted him to sign an overly broad waiver – he refused, they refused to accept the application without the waiver, looking for potential methods around it including litigation.

Steve mentioned they were getting around not denying the permit by not accepting the application in the first place.

He also mentioned the W.H. Police chief is very anti-gun, anti rifle, allowed the police range to do the testing for the Lizotte/Horowitz microstamping bill.


Ed Peruta discussed newsworthy items

  1. Chili’s case

James Goldberg now employed by Hoffmans.

DPS3 issues, went to see Sgt Doug Hall

Computer generated letters in error, supposed to only go to dealers

How many letters were sent?

How many bad authorization numbers issued?

When were all these issues found?

Were public records lost?

Proof of fax of forms to DPS that they claim were not received.

Write a letter to the Lieutenant, they say ask Legal Affairs about it

Money Raiser - CCDL Trophy for a quarterly shooting competition at Hoffmans range

Jack Goldberg to put in an admin request for a declaratory ruling.

Sept 28th Ed delivered copies of each to various departments.


  1. Ed delivered 16 questions.

Audio of discussion of issues on linked to from ocdo.

DPS agreed to answer 3 of the 16 questions.

Question 3 During initial application process does applicant have to submit any additional info other than DPS799, Safety certificate, DD214 (military), and payment and fingerprint cards?

Art Carr said they have been trying to get this taken care of in the legislature for 4 years.

Lenny resent properly worded question to DPS.

Regarding the new DPS-799C form

Coradino is going to answer the questions asked by Ed

Case on the docket Oct 22, Waterbury , Kevin Johnson

Board of Firearm Permit Examiners is thinking of taking their show on the road and hold meetings in town departments around the state to show the local PD’s their view on issues.

Local media seems now to be interested in 2nd amendment issues.

DPS3 letters – recommend to call DPS and cancel the auth numbers

DPS799C New form online.  Changes include

$50 fees (new) and double permit fee

Statutes – Applicant must submit to a state and national records check submitted by local agency.

Can’t charge a local agency for record check

SPBI State Police Bureau of Intelligence – Cindy put in $50 fee


NRA Long Island conference update

2nd Circuit Court of Appeals update (Kuck Goldberg)

Judges Strob, Parker, and Livingston.

CT Assistant AG questioned, claimed Spinelli V NY didn’t apply to this case

Judge Strob pointed at AGA “this court ruled that 2 months is too long, how do you justify 19?”  says “Is it true that you can open carry a handgun in CT”  AGA danced around without answering (twice).

Judge Parker said “Stop, I’m still waiting for you to answer his question”

Judge Livingston “plaintiffs have alleged that there is more than just delays going on in the state firearms unit (skullduggery)”

DPS lawyers (Hall and Hatfield) have to type a report to the higher levels.

Ed is going to San Diego to fight a permit denial there

Money issues for CCDL – Voluntary donations

Boiler plate comments to the editor for any gun/shooting story in the paper

2nd Amendment friendly comment for every gun story


19:46 Ed Rests.

Two new members Oriane A Fairfield and Jeff P from Meriden

19:47 Adam Peplau discussed:

Secretary of Friends of NRA in Danbury

Certified Firearms Instructor

Tea Party in Bridgeport organizer

Running for City Council position in Bridgeport

CCDL cards to firearms manufacturers for firearms cases going to CT dealers

Gun Rights Radio Network podcasts.

Walmart (Orange? Milford ?) posting bogus made up “federal” laws on ammo sales.

Ammo shortage issues.

NRA instructor – listed on the page, offering 2 students for $150 for permit classes.


19:57 Break


20:20 back to order - Old business

Bylaws read and approved

Placards and cards distributed among some members for distribution

Weblinks to attorneys

Open Carry support clause tabled

Fundraiser tabled

Events coordinator

October meeting Nominations, November meeting Elections

Proposed Agenda – New business

Proposal to support adhoc for 2nd amendment march

Kevin Holian coordinating the CT 2nd amendment march

CCDL doing what it can to help all gun owners

List of activities to go around for 2nd amendment march (passed around)

Ken Blanchard podcast, Hotel floor in DC for marchers, BBQ next day per Adam.

Steve L asked about United States Supreme Court case regarding 2A incorporation

20:29 Adam suggested town/area subchapters of CCDL

People need to get involved, Scott discussed his thoughts on what we as a group should be doing.

20:35 Scott turned over the meeting to Justin

discussed the bylaws and how we need to follow them per our constitution


Section 2 art 6

2nd to last meeting of year for Executive Board Positions

Executive membership comprised of 2 classes

Resolution 1 Exec membership

11 founding members (from Hops (February) and close by)

Jay, Scott, Robert, Lenny , Virginia , Justin, Ira, Susan, Kevin, Nick, Marcie

Exec member 12 and on are for contributions and working in the organization.

Resolution 2 CCDL election procedures

Elect President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

Nominations, Oct 13th  2009 , Elections November 10th  2009

Pre-election discussions 2 minutes to present and answer questions, candidates for the same positions are sequestered during the other candidates question time.

Exec members cast paper ballots

Election process for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer

Incoming president will nominate 5 positions as coordinators.

Membership, Events, Legislative Advocacy, Public Relations, Webmaster



For President, Scott nominated by Lenny (Scott accepts)

For Vice President, Lenny nominated by Ira (Lenny accepts)

For Treasurer Jay, nominated by Ken/Steve (Jay accepts)

For Secretary, Robert, nominated by Cheryl/Steve (Robert accepts)

For Secretary, Justin, nominated by Lenny/Cheryl

Discussion, Robert withdraws acceptance for secretary


Other discussion:

Cheryl asked for job descriptions for committee positions


Presidents duties defined (A-I)

VP duties defined (A-C)

Treasurer duties defined (A-D)

Secretary duties defined (A-D)


Coordinator positions

Membership (A-F)

Events (A-H)


Ira mentioned that the founding documents are not distributed online or on paper but exist to be viewed by members.


Legislative Advocate (A-D)

Public Relations (A-I)

Webmaster – Maintains website

Committee Chairs to nominate volunteers to assist with various tasks


21:00 Call for donations

21:00 Lenny discussed CCDL magnets for cars

21:01 meeting closed.