7:06 Opening of meeting.


Pledge of Allegiance






7:08 Executive Reports – President
Attended 2nd US Congressional District debate in Norwich, CT on June 18th. Spoke with Daria Novak and Doug Dubinsky who are running for that seat.
Attended the Kathy Brown meet and greet at “Nothing But Ammo” on June 20th.


Attended meeting at WLOPA with CCDL Vice President, LAC and Attorney Craig Fishbein on best way for CCDL to help promote “pro 2A” candidates.


Facilitated a CCDL executive meeting June 28th for conducting regular CCDL business.


Attended a meet and greet of candidates at the Sail Fest in New London and met several candidates for 2nd US Congressional District and Tom Foley candidate for Governor




Executive Reports – Vice President
Ordered and received another 10 boxes of CCDL promo cards.
Attended the Kathy Brown meet and greet at “Nothing But Ammo” on June 20th.
Attended meeting at WLOPA with CCDL President & LAC and Attorney Craig Fishbein on best way for CCDL to help promote “pro 2A” candidates.
Paid for CCDL first prize raffle item(Kimber Ultra Carry II) with CCDL funds.
Looked at second prize raffle item Charter Arms “Pink Lady” S/N CCDL2010 at CT Firearms & Tactical donated by Charter Arms.
Attended CCDL Executive Member meeting
Attended CT State Trap Shoot at Hartford Gun Club. Participated and promoted CCDL to every vendor at the shoot.
Still waiting for information on CCDL participating in the Blue Trail/WPLR “Outdoor Sports Fair”





Executive Reports – Treasurer
$961.86 in the Bank ($721.52 plus pending $240.34 deposit from PayPal)
$50.00 cash with Merchandise Coordinator
$205.15 cash with Treasurer.
$1217.01 Total Funds Available / $721.52 Ready in Bank Account





7:11 Special Guests


Daniel Docker – Candidate for CT State Senate district 20


Daria Novak – Candidate for US Congress 2nd district


Craig Fishbein – On behalf of Martha Dean Candidate for CT Attorney General


Tim Plungis – Candidate for CT State Assembly District 41


William Nash – Candidate for CT State Assembly District 46


Jerry Labriola – Candidate for US Congress 3rd District







7:51 Break





8:12 Old business






2nd annual picnic


Gun shop assault teams


Legislative shooting events


State park carry project


Police chief letters





8:14 Committee Report – Membership


824 members


57 new since last month


Contact Nick at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’ve dropped cards at a gun shop





8:15 Committee Report – Events


Submitted application for raffle and awaiting authorization from CT Dept. of Special Revenue.


Raffle tickets received


Need volunteers to contributed covered dishes/snack foods/desserts for picnic.


Working out details for fundraiser


Sent information to Lenny for flyer creation


Requested information from e-members regarding left over supplies from last year’s picnic.





8:16 Committee Report –LAC


Attended meeting at WLOP with CCDL President, VP and Attorney Craig Fishbein on best way for CCDL to help promote “pro 2A” candidates.
Shot with Martha Dean. Discussed campaign strategy


Attended the Kathy Brown meet and greet at “Nothing But Ammo” on June 20th.


Met with Jerry Labriola at private party and Peggy Rogers (Candidate for CT State Assembly in Milford, District 137).


Legislative Shooting events. Ran one 8 months ago. Going to have more.


CCDL should do a presentation at Guilford Sportsmen’s Assoc. in Oct.


Post labor day should have a shooting event. Hard to get other clubs to work a schedule with us.


Need to get legislators and candidates who want to be seen at these shoots.


Won a Henry Golden Boy which is being donated to CCDL for fundraising. Being engraved with CCDL logo for free by Baron’s Engraving.





8:21 Committee Report – Technology


Linked bank debit card to PayPal account to resolve issues with PayPal transfer limits


Transferred money to bank account


Added black t-shirts to website


Updated website and sent mass emails with Charter Arms as featured sponsor


Edited/formatted/sent email campaigns


Created This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Jeff T.


Updated member details on website and Mail Chimp per Membership Coordinator.


Updated declaratory ruling article to include link to ct.gov website per Membership Coordinator


Updated carry documents article to include DPS memo to State Police.


Attended NSSF First Shots program at Seymour Fish and Game and handed out CCDL cards to new shooters.


Donated a Facebook ad worth $12 to CCDL, running from 7/1 to 7/12 and received 21 clicks.





8:23 Committee Report – PR
Attended Executive meeting 6/28/2010.
Restocked CCDL cards at Newington Gun Exchange, JoJo’s Gun Works
Responded to several emails from website PR link.


Sent no emails to press contacts list.





8:24 Committee Report – Merchandise


At last meeting: 15 shirts, 3 hats and 8 pins sold for a total of $290. 2 shirts were donated to Martha Dean and her husband.


CCDL website has generated $140 in orders(4).


Total merchandise revenue this month is $430.





8:26 Picnic


Saturday, August 14th from 11-4 at Booth Memorial Park. Open Carry welcomed. No alcohol is being served.


Need volunteers for snacks/salads/desserts. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’d like to bring something.


_THE_ lemon cake will be there.


Free to attend.





8:26 Fundraiser


Will be raffling off Kimber .45 Ultimate Carry II, Charter Pink Lady S/N CCDL2010, Henry Golden Boy(engraved with CCDL logo), Nintendo Wii w/ Cabela’s Big Game Hunter, massage services, personalized hypnotherapy CD.


Can start selling tickets as soon as approval come from the state. Only 1000 tickets to be sold for $10 each.


Drawing to be held at WLOPA with shooting games and food. August 21st from 10-2.


Drawing will be at 1. You don’t have to be there to win any of the prizes in the raffle.


Tickets will definitely be available next month and sometime before that.


Fundraiser is free to attend, charge for shooting events. Food will be charged.


Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for updates on when tickets are available for sale.





8:31 WPLR


Event being run by WPLR and Cox Communications.


CCDL is getting a booth. Should be about 2500 people between two days.


Pig roast only Saturday. Pre-sale tickets for pig roast are available. $25 for pre-sale, $35 at the door.





8:33 Gun Shop Assault Teams


Nick sent info to Jeff C. Working out the details on how to post info on website where people can get involved in interacting with gun shops.


Working on some sort of training program and record keeping/scheduling.


Need to find out where all gun shops in CT are. Have a good list, but there are likely more available.


No one’s name will be posted to web.





8:38 Gun shops in attendance


Arnie from CT Sporting Arms in North Branford (http://www.connecticutsportingarms.com)


Paul from Arms Exchange in Naugatuck. Grand opening July 23rd (http://www.thearmsexchange.com)





8:41 Close of meeting



7:11 Opening of meeting.

Pledge of Allegiance



7:13 Opening words from Scott Wilson, President


7:16 Executive Reports – President

Picked up hats and shirts from 2 different vendors

Contacted Niantic Sportsmen’s Club and given OK for legislative shoot.

Working to secure 2nd District Election Coordinator


7:17 Executive Reports – VP

Provided support for member Rich B who was arrested while open carrying.

Kept in contact with Rich B during his ordeal after being arrested while OCing. Discussed this with other executive members as to what we can do to assist others who find themselves in this situation.

Participate as part of 3 clay teams that Blue Trail Range sponsored for the annual “Hunting Heritage Foundation” charity sporting clays shoot at “Ten Mile River Club” in NY. Provided an opportunity to network with many big players in gun industry. Martha Dean (running for CT Attorney General) and her husband also participated.

Spoke with Craig about CCDL’s participation at the “2010 Blue Trail Range/WPLR Outdoor Sports Fair and Pig Roast” Aug. 7th and 8th.

Working on setting up a meeting with Jason Marshall, President of the NW CT Sportsmen’s Assoc. to discuss CCDL’s 2010 Election Cycle Plan


7:17 Executive Reports – Secretary

Received a response from Derby Police Department regarding FOIA request:

  • 64 applications for permits received from 3/31/2009 through 3/31/2010.

  • 9 of those applications were denied

    • 3 for “Failure to disclose prior arrest

    • 5 for “Prior disqualifying arrest

    • 1 for “Discrepancy/no proof of actual residence”

  • Additional information requested of applicant

    • Operator’s license (drivers license)

    • Birth certificate

    • Citizenship papers (if not born in the US)

    • Military discharge paperwork

Will be working on Carry in State Parks.


7:24 Committee Report – Membership

767 members

41 new since last month.

See Nick if you’ve dropped off cards or you noticed any shops need more cards.


7:24 Committee Report – Events

Fundraiser: August 21, at Wolcott Land Owners Protective Assoc. (WLOPA), Prizes for fundraiser: Kimber (Hoffman’s), Pink Lady (donated by Charter Arms, serial number CCDL2010), Henry Golden Boy (with a gun case donated by Nothing But Ammo), Nintendo Wii with Cabela’s Big Game Hunter bundle, massage services by Becky, Custom hypnotherapy cd/mp3 by Stephanie Cypher, $25 Stop and Ship gift card, Applebee’s gift card.


7:30 Committee Report – Technology

Not able to transfer money from PayPal. About $300 to transfer. Contacted PayPal support.

CTSAS has been given the “Sponsor of the Month” spot on website. Changing to WLOPA. Ads now an e-mail as well. List of shops to offer free advertising for the work they’ve done for us. After free sponsor ads, pricing plan will be included with website featured sponsor pricing.

General user maintenance on website and mail system.


7:30 Committee Report – Legislative

Recommends Jerry Labriola as an endorsed candidate.

Suggesting soft recommendation for Peggy Rogers.

Aug. 21st for legislative shoot at WLOPA and June 19th at Seymour Fish and Game for an informal event for Dave Labriola, Rosa Rebimbas and hopefully Lenny Greene (state rep candidate from beacon falls). State Reps Themis Klarides from Woodbridge and TR Rowe from Trumbull contacted Steve and are interested in participating.

Shot with Lenny, Craig, and Martha Dean at the NSSF sporting clays shoot supporting the Heritage Fund. Won a Henry Rifle which is being donated to CCDL fundraiser and being engraved by Baron Engraving, free of charge.

DEC 3,4,5 are filled. 1 and 2 are vacant thus far.

Working with Niantic Sportsmen Club to see if they’ll host a future legislative shoot


7:35 Committee Report – PR

Responded to e-mails and dropped of cards to shops.


7:30 Committee Report – Merchandise

At last meeting sold 8 shirts, 6 hats, 9 pins for total of $285.

Procured new merchandise vendor. Logo issues prevented ordering from new vendor this time.

New order of hats within the last month.

Can move forward with either vendor now that logo issues have been worked out. To discuss at future e-member meeting.


7:39 Special Guest – Katheryn Brown

Running in District 89 for CT General Assembly.


7:44 Open forum

Rich B. arrested for open carry



8:05 Break


8:19 Old business


8:20 New Business


8:20 WPLR/Blue Trail

Phil C. coordinating volunteers for our tent.

Blue Trail is a cold range. Lenny will ask Mr. Lyman about this before event.


WLOPA is having a breast cancer shoot July 17th.


8:25 Fundraiser

Anyone who wants to donate prizes for the raffle, contact any executive member. Only 1000 tickets will be sold so you have a good chance at winning the Kimber.

Games at fundraiser, pistol/trap shooting events. Food served. Heidi Voight will be our celebrity guest. Legislative shoot suggested to be held shortly after

Volunteers not needed for Fundraiser


2nd Annual Dick Heller BBQ, June 26th, 2010 in Fort Hunt Park, Alexandria, VA (add details)


8:30 Annual Picnic

Picnic need a volunteer to coordinate the food. CCDL Providing Hamburgers/Hot dogs and buns, drinks, etc. Need people to bring salads, desserts, etc.

Booth Memorial Park in Stratford, CT on August 14th from 11 to 4. All are welcome. Family friendly, no alcohol allowed. Open carry friendly.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to


8:34 Governor’s First Company Horse Guard horse show

(details from Cheryl)

$50 for 10x10 ft booth. We can sell merchandise/take donations

$25 business card size ad in their pamphlet. -

$100 get organization listed on board.

$200 full poster board with organization’s name on it.


8:37 DEC Positions

Scott may have someone for 2nd District.


8:37 Proposal for formulating a CT State Park Carry Project

Currently State Parks/Forests prohibit carrying (open or concealed) through DEP policy. Since it’s in targeting poachers, can’t something be done to allow permit holders to carry for protection?


8:40 Letters to Police Chiefs regarding Open Carry

Rich B. to draft letter to be discussed at a future meeting. CCDL may send letter out to Police Chiefs.


8:43 Close of meeting.

7:07 Open meeting with Pledge of Allegiance


7:09 Agenda


7:10 Officer Report - President

Attended National 2nd Amendment March

Facilitated Executive meeting with agenda being Elections, Picnic, Fundraiser, Executive meeting scheduling, merchandise expansion

Contact New Haven weapons unit to clarify process. Person in charge expressed interest in working to comply with BPFE ruling


7:12 Officer Report - VP

Attended National March

Ordered another 2500 promo card. Has many for distribution

Assisted Joe Markley for Senate kick off party

Attended meeting at WLOPA. If you live near Wolcott, join WLOPA as it’s a supportive organization.

Contacted Dave Lyman of Blue Trail Range. WPLR hosting pig roast at Blue Trail on Aug. 7-8th. CCDL will be participating. Pig roast is only Saturday.

Discussion with Kathy Brown running for office out of District 89. Asked her to make Lenny an Admin on Facebook so he can invite all CCDL friends to her events.

Contacted Jason of the NW Sportsmen Association to get CCDL’s name out to the NW portion of CT.


7:15 Officer Report - Secretary

Submitted FOIA Request to Derby Police Department seeking more information on their compliance with firearms permit laws.


7:15 Officer Report - Treasurer Report

About $1000 in bank.


7:16 Coordinator Report – Membership

726 members signed up online. 26 new since last meeting.

If you visited gun shops contact Nick with when you visited and how many cards you left.


7:17 Events

Met with Nick and Hans from WLOPA to discuss fundraiser ideas. Heidi Voight ageed to be celebrity guest at event. Discussed raffle prizes at executive member. Need to get raffle permit.

Contacted shooting ranges for hosting legislative shoots.

Represented CCDL at April RTC and Joe Markley event.


7:19 Special Guest Speaker - Duffy Acevedo, candidate for Governor.

From Branford seeking GOP nomination for Governor.


7:25 Coordinator Report – Legislative

Launching plan for 2010 election cycle.

Looking for volunteers who have experience working with campaigns to be District Election Coordinators.

After CCDL sent out a request for volunteers there were some interested people, but none who had the time to step up to the level of DEC.

Need help from Fairfield County, Hartford Area, etc.

Working with Atty. Craig Fishbein to vet candidates.


7:31 Coordinator Report – Merchandise

Website has generated 3 orders totaling $75 profit.

This month total revenue before meeting about $86.

Attended Joe Markley event. Encourages general membership to show up at pro-2A candidate events.

Attended impromptu meeting at WLOPA.

Searching for new merchandise supplier to take care of all of our merchandise needs.

Need ideas for new types of merchandise.


7:35 Open forum

James Goldberg was arrested because no one had the courage to stand up to the state and fight to make the law known. September of 2007 BPFE removes “mature judgement” from website because there was no basis in law. BPFE is a friend of the firearms community. They are very aware of CCDL. Courant wants to stir legislators into mandating concealment. A question was submitted to BPFE, “Can Appellants before BPFE have advocates assist in their appeal in addition to a lawyer?” Question is in front of AG’s office. Visit OpenCarry.org for good information.

Bridgeport cleaned up their backlog permits.

Permits are not exempt from FOIA request.

NRA certificates do not expire.

McDonald will be decided in 5-6.5 weeks.

Without permit to carry, a pistol or revolver can be transported to and from a range for self practice.

No statutory authority for towns to remove your permit from your possession.

From DPS, turn around time on fingerprints from 1-2 weeks. Some individual submissions may take longer but is due to specific conditions of the particular individual.

CCDL is looking into why pro-2A legislators voted for a bill that would eliminate BPFE. It appears they were looking at a number of other line items, but has not been confirmed.

RI Oath Keeps in supporting 2A March secured a couple of training sessions (1person 4day, 2person 2day) at $200 for a $2000 package.


8:04 Break


8:16 Old Business


8:17 New Business – Proposal to discuss Annual Picnic

Major components down. Grill in production and place booked.

Need volunteers to help with all aspects of running this event. Contact Cheryl at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to volunteer.

Picnic August 14th, 11-4 at Booth Memorial Park in Stratford. Same place as last year. This is an open carry event.

Fun and games/family event. No political candidates speaking, but they may show up.

August 21st will be fund raiser at Wolcott Land Owners Protective Assoc. More details to be worked out later.


8:21 WPLA/Blue Trail event

Lenny waiting for call back from Bill from WPLR for more information.

CCDL should have a table at event. If anyone wants to help out, contact Phil C.


8:23 Election Coordination

District Election Coordinator (DEC) work is similar to working on a political campaign.

Republican Convention is soon, Democratic Convention to happen after that.

Have a “vetting” process that is more open ended than NRA/CCS questionnaires. Designed to get more information from candidates to allow us to gauge their knowledge/views on various pro-2A topics. Approximately 12 questions.

We have an idea for some candidates CCDL will be supporting already. Other offices need to wait and see.

Atty. Fishbein will help Steve L. in vetting candidates.

Looking for people who will step up and “do stuff” during the campaign. People who will show up at debates and bring supporters, work with other similarly aligned groups, people who aren’t going to be afraid to put in an hour after work at a phone bank, helping to distribute literature, walking door-to-door with a candidate, getting the word out to shooting friends/collegues, etc. Our biggest hurdle is apathy.

Need people to cover greater Hartford, eastern CT, NW CT. Have people in mind for greater New Haven and Fairfield.

Need to get more pro-2A people elected. E-mail Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get involved.


8:35 Gun Shop visits

Need help getting cards and contacts at gun shops.

Some of us aren’t in a position to put a huge amount of effort into helping CCDL, but can “get their toe wet” by going to a gun shop and spreading the word.

We’re not reaching all of the gun shops in the state.

Suggestion to spend a little bit of money to get access to a business database with information on gun shops.

Suggestion to put out a list of gun shops that we’re missing to get people out to the shop.

Some place need to be restocked with cards once a week, others once a month.

Training available for anyone willing to visit gun shops as a representative.

Even if we’re not happy with a shop, we can’t give up on them.

Nick has working list of gun shops.


8:52 Other items

WLOPA is having a breast cancer shoot July 17th. To be advertised on CCDL website and will get in next e-mail going out.

General meetings held 3rd Tuesday of every month at Booth Memorial Park, Stratford Gun Collectors. Historical guns, show-and-tell’s. Open to general public. Picnic on 3rd Tuesday of June at Booth Memorial Park.


8:56 Close of meeting.



Introduction of members


Opening comments


19:13 President’s Report

Presentation at Metacon for March/CCDL

Testified along with on Senate Bill 28.

Contacted New London police to update info on Pistol Permit process

Radio interview on WXLM FM

Attended 2nd Amendment March


19:15 VP

Attended 2nd Amendment March in Hartford


19:16 Secretary

Prepared a FOIA Request for access to Derby permit records. Derby is allegedly not issuing permits and/or complying with the time mandates.

Put on 2nd Amendment March


19:16 Treasurer

Most expensive and most revenue increasing

Took in 2763

Spent 3174

Taxes were a lot and we donated $1000 to SAM.

Have $782 as of report


19:19 Membership

703 members signed up

135 new since last meeting

Anyone who’s been going to gun shops and leaving cards let Nick know.


19:21 Events

2nd annual CCDL picnic – Aug 14th at Booth Memorial Park, Maybe 11-4 plus hour before and after for setup/cleanup. Looking for volunteers to help.

WLOPA Board of Directors contact about putting on charity event to promote CCDL; need ideas

Scott will be speaking at Tax Day Tea Party on behalf of CCDL.


19:26 Technology

Transferred paypal donations and orders

Mailchimp charged us today

Created a featured sponsor section on website currently linked to CTSAS.INFO; can see number of hits/impressions/etc

Tshirts and hats are available on website and integrated with paypal.

Stephanie has e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Needs help with graphic design, HTML, or video editing


19:28 PR read by VP

2nd Amendment March notification e-mails and press releases

Attended executive meeting

Contacted senators about Sen. Bill 28, meaningful contact with McGlaughlin

Provided written testimony on Sen. 28

Attended 2nd Amendment March


19:31 Merchandise

Elected as coordinator

Took possession of shirts/cash/etc

Assisted in website sales

Will need to place shirt order soon.

Navy seems to be most popular color

Gave testimony in opposition to Sen. Bill 28


19:32 Legislative

Setting up legislative shoots to get candidates and legislators out and involved

Wants to start discussion in forming team of district coordinators for pro-2A candidates statewide. Similar to NRA program.


19:35 Open forum

Need a lot of help to cover all the districts. Hopefully our growing numbers will help show candidate our support.

Do we have a liason with each gun club? Right now just executive members that shoot at various clubs. Scott has contacted a lot of clubs and spoken there about CCDL and 2nd Amendment March.

Rob Sampson posted SAM march pictures to his campaign page and thanked CCDL.

Saying “We doubled our membership since X date” works well to get people interested about CCDL.


19:59 Back in Session – Guest Speaker – Jerry Labriola

Jerry Labriola, Candidate for US Congress in 3rd District spoke to group

Need to get out the vote and would like to work with CCDL to get a clean sweep of all incumbents.

Labriolaforcongress.com feel free to contact Jerry directly at the website or make a donation.


20:04 Old business

Discussion on Merchandise

FNRA banquet

Proposal for future events

Wrapped up SAM loose ends

Discussed grading system for legislators

Promotional teams

Input from general member and voluntary contributions


20:05 New Business – Annual picnic

Looking for food/cooking/cleanup/setup committees.

Looking for donations for raffles.

Need a giant grill for the picnic. Anyone who can let us borrow one would be appreciated. One member may be able to make one out of a 50-gallon drum; Will keep up posted.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested in helping

Open carry welcome, there will be no alcohol


20:09 National 2nd Amendment March Seats / Hartford March Wrapup

Seats available


Bob Crook – CT Coalition of Sportsmen

Sara Adler – CCSU Riflery and Marksmenship Club

Atty. Craig Fishbein – representing Blue Trail Range

Heidi Voight – Miss CT 2006

Scott Wilson – CCDL


Duffy Acevedo – Governor

Martha Dean – Attorney General

Rob Simmons – US Senate

Rob Merkle – US Congress – 4th District

Jerry Labriola – US Congrss – 3rd District

Joe Markley – CT Senate – 16th District

Kathy Brown – CT General Assembly - 89th District

Rob Sampson – CT General Assembly – 80th District


20:12 Gun shop teams

We’ve been hitting a lot of gun shops but it’s been fairly haphazard.

One person can probably reasonably do 5 shops every 3 weeks.

Need people to take maybe 3 shops

Possibility of having a gun shop coordinator who can coordinate people and train them on how to interact with people at the shops.


20:22 Tax Day Tea Party in Hartford

Scott to be a speaker there

Do we want/can we staff a table? Might not be value in having a table. Probably value in handing out flyers at the rally.


20:25 New promo cards

Need new promo cards. Lenny to send out breakdown of cost/box in morning to discuss after meeting.


20:26 Brief discussion on Merchandise

Different shirt colors, or other merchandise.

Bumper stickers, mugs, magnets, flag for rallies all suggested. Ideas to be taken back to executive meeting.

Lenny been to shirt guy for another price on shirts and other merchandise. No response yet, but waiting for it.


Nick from WLOPA attended to show his support.


20:32 Closing words


20:33 Adjournment