Opening of meeting and introduction

Executive Reports - President
Attended OathKeepers meeting where Stuart Rhodes was the speaker
Worked with Amy
Worked with Republican legislators work on laguage regarding moving the BPFE into another department
Met with attorney to discuss possible restructuring

Executive Reports - Vice President
Attended meeting with Attorney

Executive Reports - Treasurer
Refund of $62.50 overpayment received from caterer.
Donations from the Ye Connecticut Gun Guild gun show finally received

Executive Reports - Secretary
Attended meeting with Attorney

Coordinator Reports - Membership, Events
Not Present

Coordinator Reports - Tech
Upgraded Facebook group and create Facebook page for CCDL.
Posted articles to website and sent emails to members.

Coordinator Reports - PR
Wrote press reelase about joining the Second Amendment Foundation's Amicus Curie

Coordinator Reports - Registers Agent
Reserved picnic area for Augest 27th

Coordinator Reports - Merchandise
Currenting filling back orders
Getting car vynals

Legislative Update with Amy S.
Possible the most gun-related bills brought up in a long time
Huge turnout at multiple hearing on multiple bills in multiple committees. This posed a problem with mobilizing our members but we did well.
Legislation was changed as a direct result of CCDL member comments.
Passed 5263 - Permit renewal by mail. Had 26 co-sponsors, but where added only AFTER it received much positive testimony from citizens
Thank your legislators who signed on
Prices do not get raised as a result and this goes into effect in October.
Passed - Federal Firearm Relief Bill (Federal mandate to provide path for those committed by a court to a mental health facility to restore their 2nd amendment rights)
Passed - 6581 - This was a DMV bill allowing an exemption of motor vehicle inspectors from having to get permits to carry in order to carry a firearm while on duty.
Passed 6629 - domestic violence bill - changes process for siezing firearms from those already prohibited
Passed 1017 (which became another bill number. Unsure of new number) BPFE moving to Office of (unclear) Accountability. Not merging with DPS.
Now that bills have been passed it will take time for them to come into effect and regulations to be written.
Special session is coming in fall, so we need to be watchful.
Good time to meet with ligislators since they're not as busy with current legislation. Tell them what wrong with the system.
967 was killed in committee. Could not get it passed as an amendment either.
Any legislator introducing pro-gun legislation or ammedments - thank them.
Ammunition bill probably failed but unknown if it was attached to anything else.
Assault weapon ban fight coming to federal level again.

7:43 Membership
30 new member this month.
1583 total

7:44 Open forum
US Concealed Carry Association provides insurance policy in case you are in a situation where you need to defend yourself. Different levels depending on level of membership. Covers cibil and criminal cases. NRA has a similar program.
Does CCDL have any kind of relationship with NRA or GOA? We've talked, also talked with SAF about court case. NRA is in the loop on CT issues, but we don't know how far that information is going.
Estelle from We The People of CT, Inc. It's a CT lobby group for the consitutiont. Non-partisan lobbying organization looking for 175,000 people to join. Also looking for Citizen Constitution monitors to keep track of subjects of legislation/legislators and notify group to address it. Membership is $25/year. wethepeopleofct.com

8:07 Break

8:18 Special Guest Daria Novak

8:34 Pistol Permit Issues
Info on towns - if no ling for your town or one near you, please get an application and send it, along with any additional requirements/notes to Jonathan.
2x2 photo is only for non-residents. You do not need it for a resident permit.
Some towns are saying that the NRA basic pistol certificate has a 1 year expiration. It does not.
Woodbridge/West Hartford/Norwalk all want a hold harmless agreement signed allowing them to talk to your employer and preventing you from suing you if your employer fires you as a result of that discussion.
68% of permit revocations/denials are overturned.
Should look for a way to have records expunged after some period of time.
No stop-gap measure for when bourd overturns and police-chief will won't issue. Board has to take chief to court.

8:59 Picnic
Will be held Saturday August 27th at Boothe Memorial Park in Stratford.
Times TBD, but similar to previous years

9:00 Amicus Brief
CCDL signed onto an Amicus Brief with the Second Amendment Foundation.
Information linked on our website.

9:02 New London
No new information on concealed carry ban. Not a lot of cooperation with town manager.

9:03 Close of meeting

7:07 PM 5/10/2011
Scott opens meeting with pledge and introduction

7:09 PM 5/10/2011
President's Report

Communicated with legislators and candidates

7:10 PM 5/10/2011
Vice President's Report
CCDL will now be collecting non-perishable food items for donation at all of our events. As of now, donations will be donated to Bridgeport Rescue Mission and St. John's Church in Sandy Hook.

7:11 PM 5/10/2011
Secretary's Report
Nothing to report

7:11 PM 5/10/2011
Acting Treasurer's Report
Completed review of all Treasury issues for January through April of 2011.
Anniversary dinner took in 1800, cost 1967.
Received t-shirt order from the president. inventoried and sorted the order and gave to merch. coordinator
Ordered 5000 CCDL business cards

7:14 PM 5/10/2011
Technology Coordinator's Report
Made paypal transfer to bank account.
James was able to ship all outstanding orders.
Helped with inventory
General maintenance on website, members list, and sending e-mails.
Will be updating Facebook group to a Facebook page soon.

7:15 PM 5/10/2011
Membership Coordinator's Report
Shipped out all outstanding orders.

7:15 PM 5/10/2011
Merchandise Coordinator's Report
Ran table at Ye CT Gun Guild gun show
Printed out brochures.
94 new members this month. Total of 1545 members.

7:17 PM 5/10/2011
Open Forum - (Comments, questions and announcements from members, not necessarily CCDL Endorsed)
Ed Peruta circulated the idea of creating a legal defense fund. CCDL wanted to take it under advisement and he would like to know what happened with that. There are approximately 8 important gun cases in CT or coming up in CT. Ed would like CCDL to make a donation to one of the gun attorneys. Ed would also like an accounting of all revenue generated and where it has been used. Would also like an e-mail sent out to members asking who would be interested in someone creating a Legal Defense Fund.
Under current registration and structuring with the state we cannot legally do what he's asking. The Executive Board will be discussing the issue with an attorney.
At This meeting, Ed Peruta asked to be taken off of the membership status of CCDL , he was then removed as a member from the database by our technology coordinator , per the direction of CCDL President Scott Wilson to honor his request.  
Thursday in Poquonok President of John Birch Society is coming to CT.
Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keeper, is coming to CT to speak as well.
Tax Day Rally on the 15th was very lively and had a significant number of CT Republican representatives there promising not to vote for any tax increases. And every single republican voted against it. Unfortunately it passed anyway.
Suggestion from new member: PATCH.com tries to get information from small towns. People can join and post events going on in the towns and articles. You should check it out to keep the political spectrum even. (It's and offshoot of the Huffington Post)
Stratford Gun Collector's is raffling off a Mauser among other things. May 21st running a bus to the Indian Motorcycle Museum leaving at 8am from Booth Memorial Park. $35/per person including bus there and back. Payments must be made by May 17th. Contact Jeff - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

7:36 PM 5/10/2011
Jonathan H.
Gave some information from the town carry requirements which was used in Hartford.
A little over 30 of 186 towns
Especially 'shady' towns: Hartford (claiming they don't have staff to handle paperwork), East Hartford (giving telephone run around when inquiring about application)
The Board of Firearm Permit Examiners is doing their best to keep on top of the backlog.
Board has said towns can't charge extra for fingerprinting.
If you experience any delay or run around from the towns, call the Board immediately.
All this information is on ctpistolpermitissues.com
Brochures are going good. If you're friends with Jonathan H. on Facebook and you see he was at Hoffman's the day or two before you and you're at Hoffman's let him know if

7:55 PM 5/10/2011

8:07 PM 5/10/2011
Old Business

8:09 PM 5/10/2011
Legislative Overview
967 - Died in committee
547 - Died in committee
1017 - still alive and in committee. (Call legislators to tell them to oppose the bill or at least remove BPFE from becoming part of DPS. Either is acceptable)
1096 - Illegal possession of ammunition alive on Senate calendar
1227 - Children who illegally possess firearms alive on Senate calendar
998 - (gun offender registry) alive on Senate calendar
6158 - Minor changes to land revolver statutes - still alive on House calendar
6376 - bound book requirement - alive on House calendar
6490 - give someone who has been barred from owning firearms due to mental illness an appeal process for regaining their rights as required by federal law is alive and on House calendar.

8:19 PM 5/10/2011
CCDL Family Picnic
Stratford Park & Rec. Dept. will be open on Memorial Day. We can get the permit at that time.
Contact Cheryl if you are interested in helping plan the event - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

8:21 Meeting Closed

7:05 PM 4/12/2011

Scott opens meeting with pledge and introduction


7:09 PM 4/12/2011

President's Report

Testified against SB 1094 Act banning 'large capacity' magazines

Booked taping for television show on local access

Attended CCDL anniversary dinner

Communicated with legislators on various bills

Received material from outgoing Treasurer and passed it to VP who will be filling in.


7:12 PM 4/12/2011

Vice President's Report

Testified against SB 1094 Act banning 'large capacity' magazines

Attended Anniversary Dinner on April 2nd

Now a member of the NW CT Sportsman Council


7:14 PM 4/12/20115

Secretary's Report

Attended hearing on SB 1094 and submitted written testimony but was unable to stay long enough to be called upon.

Attended the Anniversary Dinner


7:14 PM 4/12/2011

Acting Treasurer's Report

Supplied Secretary with spreadsheets for November/December 2010 to complete taxes

Deposited $1136 cash that was collected at the Anniversary dinner. Books for this event have yet to be balanced (still waiting on receipts) Total cost to be reported next month.

Balance as of 4/7 was 7435, but doesn't include paypal deposits.

Received inventory list from new Merch. Coordinator. Requested an order in that was forwarded to the president for order placement.


7:16 PM 4/12/2011

Membership Coordinator's Report

1458 members. 175 new in past month.

Final preperations for Ye CT Gun Guild gun show.

Attended anniversary dinner and testified on SB 1094.


7:18 PM 4/12/2011

Events Coordinator's Report

Submitted written testimony

Setup and put on the anniversary dinner

Everyone who was shooting at the club was safe and well-mannered. We were welcomed back.

Photos sent to Tech coordinator for website.

Video for the dinner is uploading to internet and will be posted to website soon.


7:20 PM 4/12/2011

Technology Coordinator's Report

Transferred money from paypal to bank account.

Getting online purchases cleared out.

General maintenance on members database.

Sent out e-mails and renewed domain

Submitted written testimony

Set up new Merch. Coordinator with e-mail/paypal/etc.


7:21 PM 4/12/2011

Registered Agent's Report

Submitted written testimony

Made copies of all registration documents for VP.


7:22 PM 4/12/2011

Merchandise Coordinator's Report

Some inventory left, but trying to get more to cover orders.

Submitted written testimony on 1094


7:23 PM 4/12/2011

Open Forum - (Comments, questions and announcements from members, not necessarily CCDL Endorsed)

One member wants to focus our efforts on "trouble maker" lawmakers. Fundraising effort to support their opponents.

- Candidates we want to support need people willing to get out there on the streets helping candidates out in any way

Having such a large presence at the hearing had a big effect on the legislators. If every gun club was as involved as some we could have filled not only the room, but the lobby. Even some not really pro-2A legislators were persuaded by the hearing. For legislators who were there, the hearing had a huge impact. They have to report it out of committee by the end of the week. Otherwise it would have to be brought up as an amendment to another bill on the floor.

We need to get involved. It's hard to find people now adays willing to do that. Legislators are getting back to people who write e-mails. There is a good reason to have open-carry in our state. It's not just for city dwellers.

Committment from one sportsment club to have legislators come and learn handgun safety at their range. Other clubs should do the same.

Rich B. going forward on case where he was arrested for open-carrying at the pool hall. Rachel Baird will be the attorney(withregardtorights.org)


7:44 PM 4/12/2011



7:57 PM 4/12/2011

Gun Bill update

SB 1094 banning standard capacity magazines has until Friday to get out of committee. If not, it dies in committee, but can still be amended onto another bill. Keep contacting your legislators and get your friends to do the same. If your legislator has respond, thank them even if they didn't agree with your position.

HB 5800 - gun registration - died in committee. Can still come back as a

SB 42 - Range safety - died in committee. Probably won't be brought back up this session.

SB 1017 - Merging the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners into DPS - Voted out of committee. Now in committee for General Law.

SB 1096 - Criminal possession of ammo - unknown today. results should be up tomorrow.

SB 547 - Definition of Assault Weapon - looks like they stripped out language for C&R licensees.

SB 5263 - Pistol Permits by Mail - Moving along, thought it looks like they upped the price of the permit in the process

Amy will be happy to take questions on bills or the legislative process - oldshotgun [at] live [dot] com


8:15 PM 4/12/2011

Gun Shop Visits

We've got a new volunteer who's been driving around to gun shops promoting CCDL. Trying to convince them to promote us.

We should leverage any members who are also members of gun clubs to try and get a presentation made at their clubs promoting CCDL and showing them who we are.

"We're not using the first amendment properly because we're losing our second amendment rights." is the message he's going to be pushing.

Share pro- and anti-2A stories from around the country with anyone in the state. The more information we have, the better we will be able to protect our rights.

He's working on his own, but could use help.


8:27 PM 4/12/2011

Ye CT Gun Guild gun show

At Elks Lodge in Widnsor: Sat 9-4, Sun 9-2.

Contact Jeff if you can volunteer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


8:30 PM 4/12/2011


Permit for picnic can't be gotten until Memorial Day when the office opens.

Talk of another raffle or fundraiser, but we need to discuss with the attorney.


8:31 PM 4/12/2011

Jonathan H.

Represented gun owners while Channel 3 got some footage for a new story.

Brochure's are now at Wolf's.

Hoffman's is blowing through 70-100 brochure a day.

Instructors should put the Brochures in the packet.

Suitability study

-Looking for permit applications/instructions from all 169 towns and cities in the state.

-If you can, go to the town and get an application even if you don't need your permit and forward it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-Need information from good towns and bad. Even if they don't require any additional information, send in the data.

-If they're only verbally telling you they require additional information or the process will take 3+ months, etc., let jonathan know as well.

-Jonathan's website is ctpistolpermitissues.com

Every time someong appeals to the BPFE, the State's attorney (DPS staff member) is submitting an objection every time Peter Kuck is involved with a case.


8:44 PM 4/12/2011

Tax Day Tea Party

April 15th, from 12-2pm there will be a rally at the State Capitol.


8:47 PM 4/12/2011

Close of meeting



Scott--Pledge of Allegiance

Introduction and welcome

Thanks for coming, we've been busy. It's now go time to testify in Hartford on proposed gun legislation.

Amy Stegall is here with a presentation on the legislative process.


President's report

E-meeting on January 24th

Printer purchased

Upcoming legislation: 10 bills

Endorsed candidates for the special elections

Friends of NRA banquet

CCDL 2nd anniversary dinner

Rich Burgess' Defensive Action and Response Committee proposal

Hunting and Fishing Expo booth

Alerts: HB 6185


Vice President not present

Secretary not present

Treasurer's Report e-mailed to E-members



Friends of NRA dinner, will have 2 tables

Annual dinner Sat. April 2 at Wolcott Landowner's Protective Association. There will be a raffle, it will be catered.




Tech Coordinator--

$212 from Paypal to our bank account

e-mail updates

Updated the CCDL Facebook



Dylan has withdrawn, the position is now open, an opportunity for members to step up.



39 new members this month, total of 1133 members

Researched and purchased a printer

Scheduled volunteers and made final arrangements for the CT Hunting/Fishing Expo Feb. 18-20


Open Discussion

Gunwalker scandal at ATF-ATF made straw-man purchases of 500-2000 rifles, intending to track them to Mexico. Grassley looking into it.


Judy--no news on the Heller II case


Danbury requiring 3 letters of recommendation for permits

Thompson--4 weeks asked for LORs, 6-8 months time. Called--8 weeks, permits handed out! Asked why permit desired, then 12 weeks.


Bill from Virginia--just moved from Virginia to CT. Is open carry legal? Yes.


Jonathan--go to the BPFE meetings, very informative, especially for instructors.


Cliff--problem in Clinton. Old charge in FL, was denied for his permit, but re-filed and permit issued in 5 months.


Shawn from Windsor Locks--10 weeks, checks cashed, background checks completed. No info. Started appeals process on the 56th day. Nov. 10th hearing--too long a wait. Jonathan suggested an FOIA for record with the Chief of Police for all records regaring the permit application. E-mail Scott for status and dates to help out.


Jonathan--when exchanging this kind of info, use certified return receipt with no refusal.


George--Ralph Sherman is a gun-savvy attorney to contact for these kinds of occasions.


Break, called back to order at 7:52

Old Business

Anniversary dinner

Food drive

"Gun shop assault teams"--flyers, cards being distributed

Legislator packets

Shall Issue project

Gun shop and range liasons for shall-issue


James Keyser introduction--endorsed as a candidate for the Bridgeport RTC, 126th district. Get the word out.


Pass bucket around


Donations--ammo, etc for anniversary party's raffle April 2


Hunting and fishing expo Feb. 18-20 at the Hartford Convention Center.


Need a merchandise coordinator. This position consists of taking and filling online orders, and ordering more merchandise when necessary.


Need help to send out cards and flyers to gun shops and ranges. Wayne offered to help.


Amy's presentation on the legislative process


Groups are good at taking over and forcing the issues.

CCDL testified for the first time last year.

Hearings have maximum of 5 days notice, could be as little as 1 day.

List of gun-related bills

Public hearing schedule for Thursday

Submitting written comments

Bill life cycle described.

40 copies of written testimony required.

Can bring testimony on behalf of others.


Reminder to wear hats, shirts.

Virginia offered to take testimony.


Closed by President at 8:58


Total of 35 members signed in.